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Is it Bacon or a Penis?

31 May

***Update: I wrote this before I went vegan, and while re-reading it hurts me deep inside my bleeding fuckin’ vegan heart…I decided to leave this post in its entirety while revamping this blog to make everything vegan. It’s interesting to see how much my views have changed in just a couple of years.

And now for a look back into a non-vegan’s inner-most, deep-down thoughts. Spoiler alert: My thoughts weren’t that deep or clever.***


I know what you are thinking: “Does it matter if it is bacon or a penis? These are both spectacular things!” You are right, sir or madam.


A friend of mine was defending her dissertation, and I wanted to make her a congratulatory cake to celebrate the occasion. She’s vegan, so I needed to make a vegan cake. Did you know vegans don’t eat meat or any product made from an animal? That includes, to my surprise, butter, milk, and eggs. Way to be difficult and cunty, vegans.


I looked up chocolate vegan cake recipes on the Interwebs, and decided on this one.

This was the best chocolate cake ever, seriously. I have traded my old stand-by chocolate cake recipe for this one. I know, smug vegans everywhere are fuckin’ celebrating, but I’m okay with that because they have delicious cake. People who have delicious treats can do whatever they want as far as I’m fuckin’ concerned. With that, I retract my previous comment on vegans being cunty. My bad, you have your delicious reasons.

Now, after making the cake I needed to shape it like bacon because vegans love bacon, right? I studied bacon for hours to get the shape just right. I looked at pictures of bacon. I went to the store and looked at all the different types of bacon: smoked applewood bacon, turkey bacon, thick cut bacon, think cut bacon, low sodium bacon, etc. I cooked up multiples types of bacon and tried them all. However, I threw away the excess bacon, since I was making a vegan cake. Vegans don’t like to eat meat, so I thought it would be disrespectful to eat too much bacon.

Already looks like bacon.

Already looks like bacon.

Next, I needed to ice the cake, but I didn’t use the icing recipe that came with the cake recipe above. I made my own vegan chocolate butter cream icing because butter cream icing is way better than shitty glaze icing any fuckin’ day.  (I might share the butter cream icing recipe one day.)

TitTip: Butter-flavored Crisco is an excellent substitute for butter. That’s how you can make vegan butter cream icing.

Here's the bacon cake with the fuckin' delicious butter cream icing. I added bumps on the cake it make it look like wrinkly bacon.

Here’s the bacon cake with the fuckin’ delicious butter cream icing. I added bumps on the cake it make it look like wrinkly bacon.

Then, I needed to color this cake like bacon. I used some vegan flood icing and added in some food coloring.

I decided on pink and light brown icing and dumped it in between some thicker icing. The thicker, white icing acts as a wall that says, “Stop, asshole! You can’t go any further!” When a wall talks, you better fuckin’ listen.

Bacon or penis? Sounds like "Win-win" to me.

Bacon or penis? Sounds like “Win-win” to me.

At this point I sent a picture of the cake to a couple of friends, and both of them agreed that it looked like a dick. Well, one of them said it looked like Batman, but that asshole is kinda fucked up. I just agreed it needed to be changed in order to make it look more bacon-like.

One friend suggested it needed more white, you know, like the fat deposits found on bacon (Mmmmmm…..fat deposits). I said, “What a great fuckin’ idea!”, and immediately set off to add more icing to recover this cake mess.

Cum-covered bacon is probably the best kind of bacon. It's all-natural and organic.

Cum-covered bacon is probably the best kind of bacon. It’s all-natural and organic.

So after adding the white, I not only had an accidental dick cake, but an accidental cum-covered dick cake. There’s a premature ejaculation joke there, but I’ll let you figure it out.

I was a little mad and wanted to start over, but then I shrugged. My vegan friend likes bacon, and she also LOVES the cock. So it is probably better that the cake turned out this way.

Meat cake is the best cake.

Meat cake is the best cake.

This cake wouldn’t have been complete without the congratulatory message. Writing on this cake was hard….like a penis. Also, becoming a Dr. is hard….like a penis. Okay, not all penii are hard, but the best ones are.


I wrote the message on this cake in the morning and didn’t look at it again until my friend unveiled it at her party. To my surprise, and everyone else’s amusement, some of my text flooded off the side of the cake. Fuck you, Vegan flood icing, you ruined my goddamned cake!

This was my first sad cake. What the fuck is a sad cake? Check this shit out.

The good thing about making delicious cakes is that even when you mess it up people don’t care. Probably because they are stuffing their face with the best diabeetus around.

Sad cake is sad.

Sad cake is sad.


Icing Good Enough To Make Your Dick Sneeze

31 May


Of all the recipes I have, this is the oldest fucker. The first thing I was ever allowed to use the mixer for when I was a wee one.


The biggest problem with this recipe is that I never measure anything for it. But if you are smart, you can probably figure this shit out on a trial and error basis.

– Aquafaba (the leftover liquid shit from a can of chickpeas)
– Shortening (only all-veggie, since that animal fat shit is fuckin’ disgusting)
– Fuckton of powdered sugar (at least 6 fucktons)
– Vanilla extract (I’m really fuckin’ picky about my vanilla, and you should be too)
– Dry vegan milk* (make that shit up like it says on the package)


First, you fluff the shit out of the aquafaba with the whip attachment. Whip it until you get what other bakers call “stiff peaks”. This could take some fuckin’ time.

If anyone knows what you can do with just the yolk, please let me know. I’ve felt guilty for wasting the yolks for years.

Here’s some egg whites with the shit fluffed out of them.

Here’s some aquafaba with the shit fluffed out of it.

Then, you add in some Criso or all-veggie shortening. The amount I put in is usually equals the same as the aquafaba that just had the shit fluffed out of them. You should mix the Criso until it is a bit fluffy. It will look like the picture I’ve provided for you, cause I’m fuckin’ thoughtful.

The egg whites plus Crisco. Give it a taste. I swear it tastes good. *Giggle*

The aquafaba plus Crisco. Give it a taste. I swear it tastes good.

Now you can start adding in the fuckton of powered sugar. I think for every ounce of aquafaba, I use about 4 fucktons of powered sugar, but this recipe is all to your own taste.

As you are mixing in the powered sugar you can add in the vanilla and prepared dry milk. I fuckin’ love vanilla, so I always add a shitload of vanilla. You add in the liquidy shit to the consistency you want the icing to be. I usually like mine a bit thick, but, as always, do whatever you fuckin’ want.

Mix in multiple fucktons of powered sugar. The DIABEETUS gods will thank you.

Mix in multiple fucktons of powered sugar. The DIABEETUS gods will thank you.

This time I made a lot of icing, so I had to separate it because my feeble hand mixer couldn’t handle this shit.

I made so much fuckin’ icing this time that I had to separate it into another bowl. Go big, or go the fuck home!

I made so much fuckin’ icing this time that I had to separate it into another bowl. Go big, or go the fuck home!

Uses and TitTips

I use this icing as my fail-safe for every cake and to decorate most my cakes. It’s white (if you haven’t been paying attention), so it is really easy to add any color you want to it.

TitTip: When making dark colors, you can add coco powder. This helps in conserving food color, makes the color dark, and get rids of or minimizes the aftertaste that most food colors have.

If you are a dude, who weights half a ton, like myself, you can also just eat this shit. I eat it like mother fuckin’ candy! Seriously, I eat it all the time. Quite often I push the cake to the side and only eat this icing. My favorite thing to do is to mix shredded coconut into an undisclosed amount of icing, and then call it “dinner”. Sometimes I like to pair it with cookie dough.

Best fuckin’ dinner around! What? It has coconut in it. Coconut is healthy.

Best fuckin’ dinner around! What? It has coconut in it. Coconut is healthy.


*Vegan Dry Milk Recommendations:

The go-to dry milk is rice milk powder. It doesn’t have a strong flavor on it’s own, so it won’t give your icing a flavor you are not intending.

Soy milk powder is comparable to rice milk, but soy milk is not my fuckin’ favorite.

Vegan coconut milk powder is great, if you are making a cake that would benefit from a little coconut flavor.

Vegan TitTip: Be sure to really read through the dry milk ingredients, especially if it isn’t fuckin’ labeled “vegan”. I read a lot of reviews for different dried milk powders, especially coconut, and there were lots of complaints on some brands adding some sort of dairy into the product.


Carrot Cake for the Drunken Hearted

31 May


So there I was, drunk off my ass at a friend’s house on New Year’s Eve, when suddenly, I had to puke. Someone was in the bathroom, and it was way too fuckin’ cold outside to even consider puking in the dark away from judgmental eyes. I puked in the only place that made any God-damned sense: the kitchen sink in front of a bunch of strangers. After that I was carried to an empty bedroom where I promptly puked in a trashcan handed to me by the owner of this lovely cake.

I don’t make a habit out of this super classy behavior, but I did think this friend was super cool about my awesome behavior. Although, in his defense, he was totally wasted too. I’m not really sure if that is defending him or not.

Always Thoughtful

This friend said he didn’t like cake. Who the fuck doesn’t like delicious cake? The answer: a soulless jackoff. I picked carrot cake for him, since he likes to walk around our workplace eating giant fuckin’ carrots. I know, only someone as fuckin’ thoughtful as me could come up with this shit.

The Cake

Look at that carrot fortress guarding that carrot cake of motherfuckin’ solitude!

Look at that carrot fortress guarding that carrot cake of motherfuckin’ solitude!

Here’s the completed product. Pretty fuckin’ amazing, right?

Here’s the completed product. Pretty fuckin’ amazing, right?

Note: Yes, I know this shit is hard to read. This was my first month of trying to write fuckin’ messages on cakes, so the green was a little too light. I don’t see you apologizing to people about your cunty behavior with a delicious, thoughtful dessert. You should be fuckin’ ashamed of your judgy self. Go die in a fire!

Recipe and Construction

Some people said this was the best carrot cake they ever had. How fuckin’ flattering. Check out the recipe.

I hand shredded all the fuckin’ carrots in this recipe by myself. That was probably over ambitious of me, but I think that helped in making it fuckin’ amazing and super moist.

The recipe didn’t call for a fortress of carrots, so you can figure out how many of those fuckers you need to put around the cake yourself. Seriously, don’t worry about leftover carrots. If you have leftover carrots you should probably eat them, Fatty.


Dicktacular Cookie Cake

31 May


My BFF (AKA: Fatty) really loves my chocolate chip cookies. Seriously, he’s been the cookie’s number one fan for years (sometimes I think he is only my friend in the hopes that I will bring him more cookies), so I decided to make him a giant fuckin’ cookie cake for his birthday.  A couple of things you should know about Fatty that might make this cookie cake more amusing for you:

  1. I call him “Fatty” because, well, he’s fat. Why else would you call someone “Fatty”? I care about his health and want him to change, and I know no other way to promote a healthy lifestyle than shaming him into one.
  2. This was actually for his 29th birthday. I was hoping to freak him out by making him think he was a year older than he really was. The reason he was a year older was because his wifey was pregnant, and everyone knows a pregnant wife ages you one year. (He’s totally getting a “Happy 40th B-day, Fatty!” cake next year.)
  3. He LOVES the cock. Seriously….he’s always drawing penii everywhere, or talking about penii, or just whipping his dick out in public. I think he has a condition, and, yes, I have advised him to seek help. I’d hope reading it here would help him see how sick he is, but he’ll probably just stare at his dick instead of reading this.

Cookie Cake Development

First, you make the best chocolate chip cookie dough in the motherfuckin’ world! (I may post the recipe one day.) Then, you grab a big ass hunk of that dough, pat it down in a circle, and bake it until it is done. It should be light brown on the edge, and in my oven on a pizza pan it took about 10 minutes per layer.

Repeat, so you can get two cookies. Keep repeating if you want, I don’t give a flying fuck what you do. I guess, how many layers you make will depend on how  fast you want to get DIABEETUS.

Then, let that shit cool. Warm cookies are totally tits, but the icing will melt off of a warm cookie. Heed my words of wisdom!

After you let that shit cool, spread a shitload of icing on it. I prefer Icing Good Enough to Make Your Dick Sneeze, but do whatever you want. You could try some chocolate buttercream icing. I bet that would be amazing!

I spread icing on a giant cookie. Bitches love icing.

I spread icing on a giant cookie. Bitches love icing.

Then, you can put the other cookie on top to make a giant fuckin’ cookie cake.

If you can eat this in one sitting you get a prize. The prize is DIABEETUS. Congrats!

If you can eat this in one sitting you get a prize. The prize is DIABEETUS. Congrats!

Write a sentimental message on the cookie (see picture below for example). You could also try these festive messages for turning 30:

  1. You’re 30? Blame Obama.
  2. Our elderly population is growing everyday, and you are not helping it any. Please die now and help save the planet.
  3. I’m sorry, should I have written this louder for you, old fucker?
  4. Bet you never thought you’d live to see 30 after that failed suicide attempt last year.
  5. You’re 30? Great! Lemon parties are at your place from now on!
I just knew that something was missing. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but I could put a whole hand on it and stroke it.

I just knew that something was missing. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but I could put a whole hand on it and stroke it.

For an added treat, draw dicks on that cookie that are big enough to intimidate Ron Jeremy. If you don’t think Ron Jeremy would feel inferior next to your penii drawings, then you are doing it wrong.

If you did it wrong, eat that cookie cake and start over. Repeat until you get that shit right. If you never get it right, please don’t tell people you got the idea on my blog and drag my good name in the dirt. I have worked pretty fuckin’ hard to be taken seriously as a baker, and I won’t have you ruining it with your shitty cookie.

Look at those beautiful penii!

Look at those beautiful penii!


I made the cake for Fatty, but he lived about 750 miles away. After reading a lot about how to ship dainty desserts far away, I adhered to the directions and tips I felt like adhering to. I’m a fuckin’ adult, so don’t tell me how to ship my DIABEETUS!

I froze it in a pizza box, wrapped it in a fuckton of newspaper, and wrote “Fuckin’ Fragile”, “Do NOT shake me like your baby”, and “Handle me like you would tits: With care” all over it.

As you can see in the below picture, all my warnings to the USPS did me no good. It was broken in half, some of the wording was smashed, and delivered to a fuckin’ pussy.

Seriously, that fuckin’ pussy texted me pictures of him eating the cookie cake everyday for a week. Then, he texted me the pictures of him vomiting it up later.

Seriously, that fuckin’ pussy texted me pictures of him eating the cookie cake everyday for a week. Then, he texted me the pictures of him vomiting it up later.


If friends don’t love and respect you enough to live in the same city as you, then they don’t deserve a fuckin’ cake. Don’t send cakes (or giant cookies) in the mail. The result is heartache and sexts of cat vomit.


Sportsball World Tri-Series-Athon 2013

30 May


I am a HUGE sportsball fan! Okay, you got me. I haven’t watched sportsball in years and don’t keep up with any teams or players. However, I used to play basketball in high school and my father owned a sports card and paraphernalia shop for many years, so I do know a decent amount about sports and many give me no credit for my knowledge in the area. In their defense, I make fun of sportsball almost every chance I get.

I was invited to a Super Bowl party earlier this year, since that’s when the Super Bowl takes place. I hardily laughed at the Facebook invite, but before I could make a comment mocking everyone about the Super Bowl, someone announced that they were bringing something fuckin’ delicious and wrapped in bacon (AKA: heaven). “Holy fuck!” I thought. I almost forgot that Sportsball is usually accompanied with delicious, unhealthy food. I changed my mind and decided to go. What would I bring to a Sportsball showdown? Brownies seemed like the kind of desserst appropriate for sportsball.


I got this recipe from my old lady cook book, so if you want it you should go buy a cook book from an old lady. Be sure to tell the old lady that you are going to veganize all the recipes in the cookbook. This will make her think you are cool as fuck, and she will probably want to adopt you.

I doubled the recipe because I thought it was too small. However, after I added the icing this shit was super rich, like fudge, so you may only need to make one. I don’t ever regret making too much, especially since I needed an extra large canvas for my art.

Check out the big ass brownie!

Check out the big ass brownie!

After letting this shit cool, you should add some fuckin’ shiny icing! This is the icing recipe I used. This can easily be made vegan by using a non-cow (or non-other animal milk), vegan butter, and vegan chocolate chips.

This icing was like motherfuckin’ fudge, which means it was amazing. However, many people complain about stuff being too sweet. To them I say, “Shut the fuck up! Also, you might try a lighter glaze or no icing at all.”

Look at all that beautiful fuckin' icing.

Look at all that beautiful fuckin’ icing.

After applying the icing, you need to let it sit for a bit. Then, you can ponder what you want to write on it. I knew I was going to say something about it being the Super Bowl, without actually saying Super Bowl. That’s when I decided I could cram together a bunch of different championship-type sportsball events. That is how “Sportsball World Tri-Series-Athon 2013!” was born.

The words didn’t really cover jackshit on the brownie, so I needed more. I really wanted to get a field goal on the true nature of sportsball. (Field goal was the right sportsball term, right?) I pondered on the true essence of sportsball for some time, like a couple of minutes, or something.

I had a shittacular idea! I would cram as many of the sportsballs on this brownie that I possibly could. I hope you can fuckin’ see because I don’t feel like telling you how I fucked up all the different sportsballs.

TitTip: Stick figures are really versatile and get to the point.

I am a motherfuckin' artist!

I am a motherfuckin’ artist!


I posted the finished product on Facebook to share with my friends, and the people who attended my friend’s Sportsball World Tri-Series-Athon got to see and taste this.

The brownie  ended up being interpretative art. The big dick-like thing in the stick figure’s hand was meant to be a baseball bat, but I fucked up the colors and most people thought it was a sword. I was fine with this interpretation, since sportsball would be, not only bearable, but awesome with swords. Dragons too.

I thought it would be fun to make up a sportsball of my very own, which is what in the other hand of the figure. Many thought it was a fried egg, which would also make sportsball more interesting for me. Quick! Someone invent this new sportsball! I think everyone involved in this new sportsball would be a winner.