Shittacular Recipes

Here are links to different categories, along with particular baked goods.

Cookie Cluster Fuck – Cookies are amazing! I can never have enough of these fuckers.

Big Ass Cookies

Dicktacular Cookie Cake   Happy Birthday ‘Murica!   Keep a Fuckin’ Resolution in 2014

Fucktacular Cookies

Come Out of the Closet and Eat Some Fuckin' Cookies   The Best Fuckin’ Chocolate Chip Cookies

Dick Cookies


Dicktacular Holiday Cock Cookies   I Can Fly Twice As High: Dick-Shaped Hot Air Balloon Cookies   Christmas Cock Cookies  Valentine’s Day is for Tip Touching  This Thanksgiving I’m Thankful for Dick (Cookies)

Bitchin’ Brownies and Bars – Brownies, bars, and possibly other things…

Sportsball World Tri-Series-Athon 2013   Amaze Your Friends by Memeing Them on Desserts    Peanut Butter Bar For Peanut Day   Graphs Belong on Cakes   Warning: Contains Diabeetus!

DIABEETUS Cakes – DIABEETUS-filled cakes! If you are going to get diabeetus, then do it right and delicious.

Cake Doesn't Give a Shit   Carrot Cake for the Drunken Hearted   I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For DIABEETUS!   Just Add Gay  U.S.S. Douche Canoe of Friendship       From North Korea, With <3   Green Tea Ice Cream Cake   Check Meowt, Fuckers!   Fuck Itself Diabetes Should   Tres Leches + Tequila = Fucked Up Baking   Yes, Even Cake is Bigger and Fuckin’ Better in Texas   Da Butt   Your Best Life Decision Now In Cake-Form   OctoVag > OctoPussy   This Mother’s Day Remember to Recognize the Struggles of the Vagina   2 Assholes, 1 Ugly-Ass Cake   Badass Princess Here to Save Her Mother Fuckin’ Kingdom   Cakes Are Best Served Poison-Free   Be Thankful Your Dreams Aren’t Fucked Up

Fighting The Man With Baked Goods – I greatly enjoy pissing people off, especially if they have backwards ideals.

Happy Birthday, Kansas State Fair! 100 Fabulous Years!   Re: Kansas State Fair

Fucktacular Icings – Icings are still the only reason I even like cake, so I always make mine fucktacular.

Fizzing in Everything: Versatile Chocolate Buttercream Icing  The Best Icing in the God-Damned World  Icing Good Enough to Make Your Dick Sneeze     Sriracha Cream Cheese Icing: Fuckin' Mouth Heaven      

Holy Shit! Candy! – Fudge, truffles, and candies are so god-dammed delicious.

Chocolate Balls of Bliss  Diabeetus-Free Fudge for my Father on Fudge Day  Holy Fuck! Lollipops Have a Day of Their Own?

Just For Lolz – No recipes here. Just good times.

Pussy and Cakes: My Badass Life as a Baker   Mixing Alcohol and Baking: Best Idea or Bestest Idea?   Pro-Cake  Cookies and Broken Homes  Harry Potter Fan Fiction    Yo, Ho, Yo, Ho! T’ Bakin’ Life Fer Me!   Dear Vegans, Thanks for Being Fuckin’ Picky Eaters  Cakes Are Best Served Poison-Free  Cakes: The World’s Least Discussed Tripping Hazard   Handle With Fuckin’ Care: How to Mail Baked Goods to Your Hoes   The Most Fucktacular Search Terms   Mother Fuckin’ Confidence: How To Be An Expert Baker   Pussy and Cakes: Part II   Cake Fuck-Ups: Part Dos

Mother Fuckin’ Cupcakes – Cupcakes! Put that shit in your mouth!

Mother Fuckin’ Cupcakes  Cure for Soft D     For Magnificent Cunts: Potato Chip and Pretzel Cupcakes   A Dick Under The Heel Is Worth Two By The Balls   All Vaginas Are Created Equal, But Some Taste Better

Stuff That’s Shaped Like Shit – The stuff isn’t literally shaped like shit, but it is shaped like something other than regular cake shapes (i.e. a rectangle or circle).

Is it Bacon or a Penis?  Neigh, Mother Fucker!  2 Assholes, 1 Ugly-Ass Cake   Cake Violence: The Most Delicious Violence  Be Thankful Your Dreams Aren’t Fucked Up  Badass Princess Here to Save Her Mother Fuckin’ Kingdom     

What The Fuck? – Is it a cake? No, it has cookie dough in it. Could it be a pie? No, there’s Jello instead of crust. What the fuck?

Place Cupcakes on Cookie to Improve Chances of Diabeetus Celebrate Halloween With This Moist Delight Unicorn Poop Cake  A Lactose-Free Cheesecake For a Difficult Asshole

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